Solo Exhibitions

2019 Gallery Studio Ethos "Letter from venezuela ,Toyonaka Osaka, Japan

2018 Ginza Renga Gallery "Letters from Venezuela #3", Tokyo, Japan

2017 Regalo Gallery "Letters from Venezuela", Osaka, Japan

 Ginza Renga Gallery "Letters from Venezuela #2", Tokyo, Japan

2013 Cultural Center Eladio Alemán Sucre, "Looks of East and West"             Valencia, Venezuela

2003~2013 Japanese Culture Week in different cities and           Universities,  Venezuela

2011 ~2012 G7 Gallery "Women’s looks", Caracas, Venezuela

2012 700 Art and Antiques Gallery "On Rice paper", Maracaibo, Venezuela

2009 Latin Culture Salon Cafe y Libros "Rime of Flowers", Tokyo, Japan

2008 Ginza Renga Gallery, "Letters from Venezuela #1", Tokyo, Japan

2006 Felix Gallery "Space of Difference and Distance", Caracas, Venezuela

2003 Restaurant Polestar, Tokyo, Japan.

2002 The News Caffe, Caracas., Venezuela

2001 Restaurant Taiko, Caracas, Venezuela

2000 Central Library of the Central University of Venezuela.


Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 No.54 Itami city art exhibition hyogo, Japan

2022 No.64 Takarazuka City art exhibition Hyogo. japan

2021 No.63 TTakarazuka City Art Exhibition, Hyogo, Japan

2017 Felix Gallery, “Collective Exhibition” Dresden, Germany.

2015 Biennial II National Salon of Drawing and Print, Valencia, Venezuela

2007~2014 Arts and Antiques Fair (FIAAM), Maracaibo, Venezuela

2013-  2014 Red Dot Art Fair at Art Basel Week, Miami, USA

"Land of Grace", All We Art Washington DC, USA

BRERART Contemporary Art Week, Milan, Italy

2012 International Biennale Artists Exhibition, Miami, USA

2011 ~ 2012 Iberoamerican Art Fair (FIA), Caracas, Venezuela

Curator's Voice Art Projects “Exhibitions 5”, Miami, USA

Agora Gallery "Encounter with East and West", New York, USA

2011 Provincial Bank Foundation "Imaginable Nature", Caracas, Venezuela

2002 ~ 2005 Felix Gallery "Only Paper", Caracas, Venezuela

2003 Ateneo de Carupano “#23 Painting Salon” Sucre, Venezuela

1996 ~ 2003 National Art Salon of Aragua, Aragua, Venezuela

2001 Blasini Gallery "Paper VII", Caracas,Venezuela

2000 International Auction for the reconstruction of the Historical District of La Guaira, Venezuela (Acquired by MACCSI)

#58 Salon Arturo Michelena, Carabobo, Venezuela

#6 National Hall of Visual Arts, Calabozo, Guarico, Venezuela

#6 Salon Carlos Brandt Carabobo, Venezuela


Honors and Awards

2022 city exhibition award Takarazuka citiy Art Exhibition Hyogo, Japan

2021 Tessai Museum Award, Takarazuka City Art Exhibition, Hyogo, Japan

2007 3rd prize,  Salon of the Face Ateneo of El Hatillo, Venezuela

2006 Recognition by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan for disseminating Japanese Culture in Venezuela.

1998 Honorable Mention  Annual National Hall of Visual Arts, Calabozo, Venezuela.

1997 Prize Hall of Plastic Arts Carlos Brandt, Carabobo, Venezuela


Member of the following organizations

Venezuela Origami Association /founding President and member since 1988.

Caracas Drawing Circle, joined 1997